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Blue Noodle :iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 9 2
A Bakery Built for Two [England x 2P!England]
A Bakery Built for Two
Pairing: England & 2P!England
+ + +
The cheerful, well-lit space smelled of spices and heat, drawing the sole occupants of the house further indoors and away from the stuffy, darkened parlor, overcast clouds painting a melancholy backdrop from behind a family of large bay windows. Strings danced along with the touch of an archaic needle, dulcet tones falling off the rim of a dusted phonograph before twisting upwards and along the shadowed furniture to join a pair of nearly identical figures busying themselves across the kitchen’s multiple, cluttered countertops.
"You're standing in my spot, love."
The warm breath lulling against his ear only succeeded in sending a ripple of frigid speculation across his neck, hackles raised beneath his shirt and rubbing against the worn cotton pleats of his argyle sweater. "Come off it, I've been here for the past ten minutes."
"And a fat lot of good you've done being there." That sweet, deceptive tone was far too cl
:iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 15 5
Chaburbur :iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 15 7 Luminosity :iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 11 3 Spamano Sketches + Gijinkas :iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 7 3
Victorian Caroling [England x America]
Victorian Caroling
Pairing: England & America [Familial]
+ + +
The landscape was dotted with warm, wood-burning homes nestled together that collectively cast soft flumes of smoke into the open air, each pungent tone a festive, nostalgic delight to the senses. Every window was painted with frost and the silent glow of flickering candles, sleigh bells singing their crisp tune against the steaming flanks of a horse-drawn carriage passing 'round the corner. Small tufts of snow perched atop the lampposts, watching with baited breath as their bolder partners danced across the streets and sidewalks, pausing to rest on hats, scarves and awaiting tongues. The gentlemen Currier and Ives could not have created a more perfect lithograph had they witnessed it themselves, the scene reminiscent of past outings and gatherings in a well-trimmed home far across the ocean.
But this particular Eve, he had chosen to be here. The foreign town was quaint, away from the bustle and growth of larger area
:iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 1 3
English Invasion [England x South Italy]
English Invasion
Pairing: Pirate!England & Chibi!South Italy [Non-Romantic]
+ + +
"To me, boy."
It was the second time the stranger had called, the latter command much more insistent than the former and riddled with a thick, strangled cough. The language he spoke was rough and lolling in all the wrong places, awkwardly splattering across his eardrums and making his stomach churn with every inflection. Or perhaps that was the blood. The thick patch of crimson saturating heavily through his sleeve, newly iridescent patches of gore tossed across the figure's chest and face in haphazard displays of violent confrontation.
"I won't say it again!"
Teeth ground against each syllable in anger as acidic green eyes flung themselves upon the servant boy, that special, doting little piece of treasure Antonio would give his everything to protect, willing him forward by a fearsome aura and God's goddamn will if needs be. Fear alone had the child locked on the intruder, his
:iconrawrdragon:rawrdragon 5 9
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(Spamano) The Beaten and the Damned - Prologue
Dead Men Walking.
The moaned protest of aged wood crawled into the air as the feet of the Damned took their last steps. In every creak came a silent plea of help. It was the final scream of a mouse caught in the dagger claws of a starved cat; terrified, helpless, useless.
The men in shredded and blood-marred clothing proceeded up to the grey wooden platform. A wooden grave was constructed above the ground for all to see, a display for all the wide-eyed gazers below. A show of the consequences of a government-driven law against the altered, against the strange, against the different. The men slowly came to a halt in front of the composer of their death; a shabby noose tied to a wooden beam suspended above their heads. The floor beneath them bowed against the added weight of the five poor souls.
Across the men's skin laid the marks of their Damnation. Black images littered across their flesh that flickered and flexed upon their own accord. These men bore the ma
:iconmorningdesiree:MorningDesiree 6 0



As the days move closer and closer to Christmas, I wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule to wish everyone good cheer and update my journal after many months of silence.

For retail workers, especially those at my level of management, the stress and workload for those involved in the industry right now began somewhere back in August. Between hopping on opportunities to learn new skills and enjoying what precious time I have to fuel my creativity, not many of my projects have been finished as I anticipated earlier this summer. Please enjoy the fiction I managed to complete this month for Christmas, featured on my homepage, and I'll do my best to complete a Lithuanian Christmas picture as well to keep with tradition.

May everyone be well, stay healthy and have a wonderful holiday season!

Ohayocon is fast approaching, and I have a new cosplay lined up for the occasion...stay tuned~
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